You want your machinery to last as long as possible so that you can get the most value out of it. That means that you must be proactive about servicing and maintaining your forklift and lift truck, even when they are not in use.

A forklift is like any other piece of machinery or vehicle; it needs proper attention and care to operate the most efficiently and increase longevity of its lifecycle.

Stellar Machinery is a leader in the industry of large container handling equipment. We are experts in keeping your products in good shape, so we’ve compiled a list of ways to keep your forklift and lift truck well maintained.

Change Your Oil

Regular oil changes are as important in a forklift as they are in your car. Every three months should do the trick if you want to avoid combustion problems and increase fuel efficiency. You’ll also maximise general performance of your machinery.

Check the Tyres

Maintaining proper tyre pressure is an incredibly effective way to reduce damage done to your vehicle. Tyres get a fair amount wear and tear as they are constantly touching the ground. If your tyres are under inflated, they’ll give you less traction and perhaps even burn through the rubber. If they’re overinflated, they could bounce around and cause a blowout when you least expect it.

You should have a tyre pressure gauge onsite to check your tyres once a week.

Keep an Eye on Fluid Levels

This includes antifreeze, gas and hydraulic fluids. Checking the antifreeze levels is probably the most important because you don’t want your lift truck to overheat or freeze, especially not at an inconvenient time. While making sure you maintain the proper fluid levels, also inspect the reservoir and radiator for any leaks.

Check Your Brakes

Don’t wait until your brakes malfunction and bring about bad consequences. If there is a brake issue, address it immediately. If you’re brakes aren’t sensitive enough, it’s time to see a mechanic. Your brakes will only get worse the more you need to press down on them. It’s pretty easy to change brake pads and callipers, but if you put it off until there’s even more damage, not only are you risking a potentially hazardous or deadly outcome, but you are also costing yourself even more money in repairs.

Remember to Lubricate

Similar to the Tinman, your forklift needs oil, or grease, in all its moving parts. This will ease the movement of your vehicle and it will prevent any friction that could cause unwanted or harmful effects. So try to grease your parts a few times a week.

In addition, if there are any worn out ball bearings, don’t hesitate to replace them. Try using WD-40 to prevent rust build-up that could contribute to friction or wear and tear. If your parts become too worn out, they’ll just lead to a malfunction.

If you need any further tips or advice on maintaining your forklift or lift truck, trust Stellar Machinery in New Zealand. We are the industry leaders in this field, and we are here to help.