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The best range of rough terrain forklifts in New Zealand

Whether you need an all-terrain forklift rental or you’re looking to buy a forklift for rough terrain, the team at Stellar Machinery can help. We stock these sturdy machines with a range of carrying capacities from 1,800 kilograms to 7,000 kilograms and offer a full factory warranty.


All terrain forklifts are made for the toughest jobs

We offer a range of rough terrain forklifts that are designed to provide access to the most challenging environments. With wheel differential locking units and 4×4 options (four wheel drive), high ground clearance and large tyres, our all terrain forklifts are proven reliable on most job sites and yards across New Zealand.


Rough terrain forklifts are designed with operator safety in mind

The conditions on site at construction, mining, forestry, and similar jobs are too tough for ordinary forklifts. If you need large containers or heavy materials moved on such a site, you’ll need the powerful engine and large tractor wheels of an all-terrain forklift.

These units are specifically designed for the construction, mining, forestry, lumber, building industries or just anyone with a rough yard . They have high ground clearance and large tyres for excellent mobility and stability on the roughest terrains, with or without a load, allowing your staff to comfortably operate for hours.

Stellar Machinery’s all-terrain forklifts come with a brand new factory warranty, and we provide complete services and backup parts right across New Zealand. The models we stock are excellent value for money and have proven reliability.


Get the job done today

With more than 30 years industry experience, Stellar Machinery is the natural choice for your forklift needs in Auckland and the Pacific region. We service, sell, and hire all major forklift brands, and we have new stock arriving daily. If you’re looking for all terrain forklift for sale or forklift hire call our team on (09) 887 2523 today or enquire online for a free quote.

We specialise in NZ forklifts including electric forklifts, VNA forklifts and used forklifts for sale. Contact us today to find the equipment that best suits your needs.

Worker lifting stock with red forklift
Man driving Manitou forklift truck grabs wood in wood processing plant

Rough Terrain Features

We stock several models but whichever you choose, you’ll always get these outstanding features:

  • 3300-4500 mm Duplex or Triplex clear-view mast options available, to give you flexibility in customising your forklift for the job at hand.
  • A Cascade side shifter that allows you to move loads from side to side for reduced handling time and increased manoeuvrability.
  • Two-wheel drive with automatic limited slip differential lock to keep you moving over jagged terrains.
  • A full LED lighting package to help operations continue in dark conditions.