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Big Forklifts for Sale or Rent: a range of high-capacity, heavy-duty forklift trucks to suit every need

Stellar Machinery has a large range of Big Trucks and Heavy Duty Forklifts available for hire, repair or sale. Heavy-Duty Forklift Trucks can not only handle large-tonnage cargo, but also support maintenance, discharge and installation of important equipment.

When equipped with special accessories, it can also handle steel, stone, concrete, wood, 20′ containers, etc. With hoisting capacities varying from 10 to 46 Tons, and various attachments and masts, Stellar’s Big Trucks will usually meet all of your heaviest requirements.

Our range of Big Forklift Trucks has been designed for maximum productivity, efficiency and reliability, through industry leading dependability, serviceability and ergonomics. We stock forklifts from both leading brands HYSTER and SANY.

Power & Performance

Some of our latest Hyster trucks are available with Cummins 

Smart and Tough for Your Daily Challenges

Built with the most durable frames, brakes, and masts in the industry, our forklifts are a fusion of powerful construction, superior handling, and robust lift capacity. Whether you’re buying or just after forklift hire, our electric models are tough enough for all your daily material handling challenges.

A Range of Product Options

The electric forklifts for sale or hire through Stellar Machinery range from 1.8 to 5 tonne models. They are also available in both three and four-wheel options to deliver the smoothest operation for your particular needs. Finely crafted electric motors deliver huge power and almost maintenance-free operation in these electric forklifts.

Impressive lift capacity and mast heights ranging up to six metres make Stellar Machinery’s electric series some of the most expensive machines in the counterbalance lift range.

Power and Flexibility

Our electric forklifts deliver exceptional power, operator comfort, and handling flexibility, making them suitable for transport, dock, and racking applications.

Free Quotes & Advice

Stellar Machinery forklift company offers a diverse range of forklifts to ensure you have the machinery to best suit your business. All of our forklift models are available for sale or for hire. Whether you require an all terrain forklift, a narrow aisle warehouse forklift or shopping for second hand forklifts, we are here to help. Contact us today for a free quote.

More Features of Our Electric Forklifts

There so many great features to recommend our electric machines for your next forklift hire or purchase, here are just a few:

  • Highly stable chassis with excellent weight-to-load handling.
  • Lower centre of gravity for enhanced stability.
  • Superior quality I-beam and C-channel mast construction.
  • Reliable Curtis control operating system.
  • Large inner & outer rail rollers for added capacity, less friction and resistance.
  • Externally adjustable side-thrust rollers provide specified alignment.
  • Wide-view duplex or triplex masts with 6 metre maximum lift height.
  • Hydraulic lift system with a load-lowering valve.
  • Premium suspension seat with fully adjustable forward, aft and lumbar positions.
  • Strategically positioned, forward right-hand hydraulic controls for one hand operation.
  • Lighted LED display panel with on-board diagnostics.
  • Low noise level and no emissions.
  • Longer lifespan due to fewer moving parts.
  • Units come complete with automatic intelligent battery charger.
  • Factory-Backed 5 Year Parts & Labour Warranties.

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If you’re after electric forklifts for sale or need a forklift hire for a project, call our team on (09) 887 2523 today or enquire online for a free quote.