Manitou MI 35 G (LPG) & D (Diesel)

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MI 35 G (LPG Gas)

The MI 35 G is an industrial forklift designed for both indoor and outdoor applications with a maximum load capacity of 3.5 tonnes. It comes equipped with a Nissan LPG engine, with a wide range of masts and tyres available to meet your exact needs.

The streamlined and spacious driver’s position provides the operator with a pleasant and safe working space, which can easily be accessed from both sides. The ergonomic controls were designed to make day-to-day operation easier on the driver, and visibility has been maximised with the openwork roof, increased space between mast, slim profile rear posts for enhanced safety.

MI 35 D (Diesel)

The MI 35 D is an efficient and robust front loader equipped with a powerful 48 hp Yanmar diesel engine and a maximum load capacity of 3.5 tonnes. An inching pedal is also a standard feature for the smoothest approach possible and flexible handling, for greater operator productivity.

The MI 35 D was designed with maximum working comfort in mind, with its spacious cab and easy access with its larger handle grip, anti-slip footboard and an opening on both sides. The dashboard and controls are simple and easily legible so your operators can get up and running quickly.


  • Cascade Side Shift
  • Suspension Seat
  • Solid Tyres
  • Triplex Mast
Lifting Capacities 3.5 Ton
Lifting Height 4.5 m
Moving speed (without load) 17 km/h
Drive layout FWD
Engine Type LPG Nissan K25 / Diesel Yanmar
Engine power 35 kW / 35 kW
Length 3.94 m
Width 1.23 m
Height 2.32 m


  • Safety lowering speed valve on main lift cylinder
  • Fully adjustable steering wheel
  • Easy access for serviceability
  • All aluminium radiator core for faster heat dissipation
  • Diesel
  • LPG (Gas)
  • 3.5 Ton
  • duplex total visibility
  • duplex free lift
  • triplex free lift
  • Hire
  • Hire-to-Buy
  • Purchase Brand New
  • Second-hand Purchase

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    Engine Diesel, LPG
    Year 2015
    Transmission Torque converter
    Drive FWD
    Lift Capacity 3.5 Ton
    Lift Height 4.5 m